Serenity IoT

A user-friendly and customizable intranet of things framework that makes home automation a breeze. Automate your home with no code!

Serenity is a web-based tool to automate Arduino based control systems without writing code. The user interface provides a way to easily monitor, control, and setup your system.

Serenity is compatible with off the shelf Arduino sensors and is completely free and open source. It is made using the Johnny-Five (javascript robotics library) module and is compatible with (almost) all of its compatible hardware.

The goal of this project is to create a tool that can easily automate any IoT device in your home and also allows you to create and manage your own smart devices/system.


Our Vision

We envision serenity to be an all around automation system. We are aiming for complete device compatibility and to discourage the development of incompatible, disconnected, and completely proprietary consumer devices. We also aim to encourage the creation of custom made automation systems using cheap or high-quality off the shelf hardware.

How Serenity was Created

Serenity was built using Node.js. We’ve utilized, express, and the johhny-five libraries.

How Serenity Works

System setup is simple. A computer connects to an arduino via a serial connection (bluetooth,usb,ect…) and you setup rules to control your system though an easy to use interface.

The software uses Trigger – Action relationships for control. You configure what hardware is connected to which pin on the arduino and setup rules for that hardware to follow using triggers and actions. Here is an example.

Photocell > Arduino pin A0

desk lamp > relay > Arduino pin 3

Trigger Action

Phototcell > 55% |||| relay = opened

Photocell < 56% |||| relay = closed

Configuration is that easy!

This software has applications in farming, security, aquariums, home automation, any many more!



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